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jQuery simple drag & drop upload Plugin

In this tutorial I want to explain how the script jQuery simpleUpload script works in action.
First you have to download the script and unzip the files into a webserver, for example: /var/www/simpleupload/

The simpleupload-directory should contain the following directories and files:
Uploads: files should be downloaded onto this directory
css contains the SimpleUpload.css
img contains the layout images
js contains the SimpleUpload.js and jquery.form.js scripts
index.html initializes SimpleUpload.js and transmits the files via ajax an upload.php
upload.php loads the files into Uploads- directory

Make "Uploads "directory writeable
Open the file index.html and adjust the SimpleUpload options.
After adjusting the options, you can start the upload.

SimpleUpload can be adjusted by following options:

 URL Defines upload-script URL
 FormName Defines the name of SimpleUpload form
 FileFieldName  Defines the name file field
 Method  Defines form method
 UploadDir  Defines upload directory
 MaxFileUpload  Defines how many files can be uploaded
 MaxFileSize  Defines the maximum of filesize in bytes
 AllowedExtensions  Defines allowed extensions
 AllowRandomFilename  Allows generate random filename
 MultipleUpload  Allows uploading multiple files at once
 CustomFormData  Allows sending custom form variables, i.e.: MemberID to upload-script
 AutoUpload  Allows auto submitting after selecting files
 onSuccess  Allows manipulating the responce after successfull upload